The history The history of the Foundation began on 10 May 1900 with the handwritten will of the noblewoman Maria Grazia Barone, widow of the Marquis Giacomo Celentano, published on 14 November 1918 following the death of the testatrix in Naples five days earlier. The father of the woman, Alessio Barone , had been Mayor of Foggia and was persecuted by the Bourbon government. The woman decided, as one of her final wishes, to donate all her landed property to a foundation to be established for the elderly poor in Foggia, her hometown. Maria Grazia Barone dictated her will with great precision. It defined the aims of the foundation, it especially stated that accumulated income should be added to her assets every year and only when the same income would have become sufficient should a building be constructed so as not to impact the capital. And so, two years after her death, in 1920, the Foundation was created whose first president was a priest, Monsignor Luigi Cavotta. Under his presidency the construction of the building began after the purchase of an area at the bottom of the Corso Giannone of 44 thousand sq.m., of which some 7,000 were donated to the Municipality for the creation of a square with gardens in front of the building. The project was directed by the Foggia Engineer Carlo Celentano Ungaro who died in 1955 and whose bust is still present in the public gardens of the Villa Comunale. In 1929 the new president, Duke Giovanni Barone, a great agriculturist and grandson of the noblewoman, took over from Mons. Cavotta. These were the years of "Great Foggia", the years that would transform a large rural town into a major city in step with the times, with the construction of the four INCIS lots for public employee housing, the Casa del Contadino and the INPS social security office, the Palace of Studies and the Palace of the State Offices, the Town Hall and so on. The Barone Charity belongs to the "Great Foggia" era only by coincidence of dates, being a private institution not created by the Fascist regime of the time. So much so that the inauguration, that could have happened on 8 September 1934 when Mussolini visited Foggia for the inauguration of the other buildings, occurred almost unnoticed, about three weeks earlier on 15 August 1934 . In the 1980s there began a radical restructuring of the interior to extend the accommodation to 350-400 guests.

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