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Healthy and pleasant environments feature all the amenities, including those for the disabled. Common areas facilitate socialising and community life. The kitchen serves fresh food and menus tailored to different needs and diets, making for a varied and balanced food regime.

A weekly program of meetings and parties to promote integration and ensure hours of carefree enjoyment for all guests. All entertainment activities are integrated with healthcare activities to encourage a desire for a lively and positive social life.

The rooms, single or double, are comfortable and come with all accessories. Maintenance is constant to guarantee daily cleaning and healthy environments. Common areas are easily accessible from the rooms, even for guests who are not self-sufficient. Comfort, positivity and a family atmosphere make guests feel at home.

A donation is a gesture of the greatest social value, it is a very real help and gives us the means to acquire equipment and resources to improve the lives of the elderly and ease the onerous work of the staff and the volunteers who help us every day. Whoever helps others helps themselves and increases the value of solidarity and social and cultural advancement.

The eldest of five children, Maria Grazia Barone was born in 1844 in the street Vico San Giuseppe, in the heart of the historic city, out of the love between mother Gaetana d'Ayala Valva and father Alessio Barone who was Mayor of the city and persecuted by the Bourbon government before Italian Unification.


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